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Cosmo Body Fat Burner (L Carnitine + Green Tea)

What's in the Box?

30 capsules per bottle


Cosmo Body is a premium health & weight loss supplement.


It is a blend of two powerful fat burning teas—Green Tea (EGCG) and L-Carnitine.  

It is good for overall health and is deemed very effective in increasing metabolism and 

energy, that eventually leads to weight loss.




Each Capsule Contains

L Carnitine That is Rich with Polyphenols

Green Tea Extract that is rich with Epigallocathechin Gallate



Fat Burner

Metabolism Booster

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Lowers Body Fats

Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Promotes Thermogenesis

Good for Fatty Liver



How to Take:


Take 2 capsules in the Morning or 30 minutes before exercise

Cosmo Body Fat Burner (L Carnitine + Green Tea)

₱450.00 Regular Price
₱349.00Sale Price
  • Cosmo Body is proven effective in promoting  THERMOGENESIS

    a process in which Fat is converted into ENERGY.


    Recommended Dosage

         Take 2-4 capsules a day

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